Refund Policy

You can only claim a refund if you have purchased cards that were not used. Any other circumstances will not be accepted as a valid reason to issue a refund.

1.    If the payment has not been received but is in an authorized status, you will get a refund if we have not yet sent the card.

2.    Refunds are only valid if requested within 3-7 business days of receiving the card.

3.    If the product/service was delivered in good faith, you cannot claim a refund.

4.    Refunds are only valid for a specific order and not for the entire bunch you have ordered.

5.    Preloaded card services are not eligible for the refund policy. In some instances, however, we offer a 50% refund.

6.    If the claim is valid, only the price will be refunded. There will not be a processing fee. 

7.    After reviewing the details, you will receive a refund. Have patience.

8.    Refunds are based on the type of order.

9.    You can’t reverse a gift you sent from your wallet to someone else, even if it was a mistake.

10.  You can’t reverse a withdrawal from your wallet.

11.  Your account fund will receive a refund. To refund any amount, we don’t accept any payment method.

12.  The wallet’s processing fee or transaction fee will not be replaced.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you do not understand something. We are always available to help you. Do not dispute any transaction without contacting us. We value good relationships with our clients. We try to avoid any misconduct between clients and ourselves. We appreciate your kind support.

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